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Payoro Is a part Of Payoro Communication OPC in india incorpurate in 2017, two brothers, while working for a telecom startup, 6D Technologies sat together at the end of a frustrating day with their bankers and wondered - why do bank work just 6 hours a day for the public when telecom companies work 24x7, without any downtime. They mused on how banking services could be brought to consumers 24x7, via a network of Business Correspondents. Thus began the journey of Payoro. Co Founder Abhishek believed in the power of taking banking services to vast majority in real time, so much that they set in motion an exit from 6D and developed solutions for Payoro. What followed was a string of inventions, patented all over the world, partnerships with the largest banks in India, and setting up of a vast chain of merchant outlets to work as Business Correspondents to provide banking services to customers, specially form weaker economic sections of the society. Payoro leveraged every progressive technology available to build solutions. From telecom Or banking based to web based process and finally Android app based platform. True to its mission of taking banking and financial services to all, Payoro has built over 100 services on its platform to cater to all needs a customer has from a bank, and even offered open APIs to truly democratise them. Payoro has served over 50 Million customers till date, is available over a merchant network of 1,50,000 customers and enables over 7 Million banking transactions a month. This it does, via its own network and by providing APIs to over 300 partners who have built their own business on top of the Payoro platform. Payoro is committed to ever expanding its range of financial services with its mission to take digital economy solutions to the next 500 Million Indians and across developing markets around the world. As a truly inclusive organisation, Payoro constantly seeks partnerships to leverage its Retailer Or Distributor and its network. And keeping true to the vision of Prime Minister Modi - “say yes to digital payments, no to cash”, Payoro welcomes merchants Or Customber,and service providers to come join hands with us and help us take Digital India to Bharat.